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Sunday Funday: Inspiration For Balanced Living

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You know you are getting older when your Sunday Funday has changed from “All-You-Can-Drink Mimosa Brunch Day” to “Laundry, Grocery Shopping & Getting-Ready-For-the-Week-Ahead Day (And maybe an episode of GOT ūüôā )” Not that I am complaining. ¬†In fact, I like it. Nothing feels better than a stocked fridge and clean clothes for the upcoming week. With that being said, I also find Sunday a great time to set my intentions and find inspiration for the upcoming week.

I want to begin including you in on my Sunday Funday. As you well know, I am always encouraging my clients and readers to find a balance that works for them. I have decided to gather useful articles, recipes and useful kitchen gear each week to help you practice¬†balance in your life. I will try to do this each week for you, but for the sake of balance in my own life I may miss some here and there ūüėČ And without further ado, here are some of my favorite things things I encountered this past week.

In-Season Recipe

Roasted Strawberries with Coconut Whip Cream.¬†All I have to say is “Yum.” I have been going a little berry crazy this year and this recipe is¬†perfect to help me use up what I bought at the farmers market. Roasting the strawberries adds a nice sweetness to the dish, but you could also use raw berries if you are in a hurry. I have been known to use blueberries and black berries in this simple concoction as well. ¬†It is super easy and a nourishing way to satisfy that sweet tooth!


Quick Recipe

I am always on the search for a quick and easy recipe (Who isn’t, right?). This one fits the bill and made enough for leftovers. Awesome!! Did I mention it was delicious and nutritious too? I was in the Indian food mood and had a batch of chickpeas cooked up so it was perfect. This “Easy Chana Masala”¬†from Minimalist Baker, only took 30 minutes to prepare from beginning to end and dishes were minimal. ¬†Win-Win-Win!¬†I did not have serrano chilis in my fridge, so I added extra cayenne pepper to give it some “pizaz ” I highly recommend using cilantro and lemon as a garnish and serve with brown rice or flat bread. I also added some plain yogurt on the side.

Easy Chana Masala from Minimalist Baker

Kitchen Tool

We all know I love my kitchen tools! This one is no exception and is going to be added to the hall of fame for¬†“A Few of My Favorite Things.”¬†This ladies and gentlemen is called an “Instant Pot”¬†and it does everything in the kitchen. It is a yogurt maker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, and slow cooker all-in-one and it “also makes julian fries” (Aladdin reference, anyone?) Okay, it does not make julian fries but it does a lot of different things and most importantly it makes cooking easier and faster! As a side note, it you are not used to working¬†with a pressure cooker it may take some getting used to (yeah talking to you Mom ūüėČ ) but it is totally worth it.¬†I cooked artichokes in 12 minutes, dry beans in 20-30 min (depends on the bean) and slow-cooked stews in 45 minutes. Bam!



New Cookbook

Broth and Stock.¬†You may have already seen this beautiful illustrated book posted on my¬†Instagram and Facebook¬†account this week,but it is too¬†good not to share again. Jennifer McGruther, author of the popular website Nourished Kitchen,¬†provides you with a step-by-step process on how to create homemade broths for¬†you and your family. ¬†Even though broth and stock are considered a trendy food item at the moment,¬†they have¬†been around for centuries and provide the base for any delicious soup. In my opinion, homemade broth compared to store-bought broth is a game changer for any recipe. This book also provides an additional 40 soup recipes, and even a recipe on how to make “portable soup” (otherwise known as homemade bouillon) to help save you space and time in your kitchen. The book is only $10.11. It is a deal if I ever saw one!



There you have it folks! ¬†Stay tuned for next week’s edition of “Sunday Funday: Inspiration For Balanced Living.”


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