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Every BODY is different, therefore, each person has unique needs. My goal is to help you find nourishing solutions that work for your body and your lifestyle. Explore the packages below to see which one can best fit your personal needs. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, contact me personally to create a customized package.

Packages Available


Heal Your Gut

Do you suffer from bloating? Headaches? Unwanted weight gain? Depression? Diarrhea? Constipation? Skin issues? Food sensitivities? The answer to resolve these problems may lie in your gut...



Food Sensitivity Testing

Do you suspect you suffer from food sensitivities? Have you tried various elimination diets with little or no success? Then a Mediator Release Test (MRT) may be for you...



Food For Fertility

You want a baby. Maybe you have been trying to conceive for months or years. No matter what point you are at, nutrition can play a role in your ability to conceive…



Older Adult Nutrition

Are you worried about your health as you age? Or maybe a parent's? Am I eating enough protein? Should I be taking supplements? Eating a balanced diet as you age can become challenging...


Other Services

I have designed this menu for those looking for services outside of the package deals.


Ask Me Anything

In this 60 minute session you can ask me anything about nutrition and health. Maybe you have been pursuing your own research on nutrition but want clarification on a few topics. This session can provide you with the answers you need to help you on your health journey. Your Investment: $120


Grocery Store Tour

This 90 minute grocery store tour is structured to help make you a savvier shopper. We will discuss how to prepare a shopping list, organic vs conventional (is the extra $ worth it?), how to read nutrition labels and identify nourishing food items within each aisle. This session will help build your confidence in the grocery store and help you choose healthy food items for you and your family. Your Investment: $100


Cooking Class

You want to start cooking nourishing meals at home but do not feel comfortable in the kitchen. In this 1-2 hr session we create a meal together to help you develop the skills you need to prepare your own meals at home. I will provide you with a list of ingredients to purchase ahead of time and we will cook the meal together. We will discuss how to make sure all the food comes out at the same time, time saver techniques, and ways to reduce dishes. Even though this is just one meal it will give you the skills and confidence to begin preparing your own meals in the future. Your Investment: $100/hr


Workshops/Public Speaking

If you like what I have to write about on my blog and want a nutrition speaker at your next event please contact me directly. I can provide presentations for small groups or large audiences. Contact Kristin

What People Are Saying

"Kristin’s ability to translate confusing dietary directives into a tasty personalized plan transforms an ordeal into a life-enhancing adventure!"FN, RECENT CLIENT
"Her knowledge is vast in the physical aspects of nutrition, but her ability to combine the physical with the emotional is what makes her so wonderful."Margaret Vanderbie, RECENT CLIENT
"Takes a concerned interest in client's problems- i.e follow-up phone calls to discuss the problem"LA, RECENT CLIENT


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

I do not take insurance. However, I can provide you with a superbill that you can give your insurance.

Can I transfer my package to another family member?

Packages can be transferred to another individual if being given as gift. However, leftover sessions cannot be transferred to another individual.

Do you accept payment plans?

Currently I do not offer payment plans but hoping to do so in the future.

When do packages expire?

I have found that my clients get the most out of our time together when sessions are spaced closer together. This enables us to make adjustments as needed and to answer any questions you may have along the way. For this reason, one month packages (includes 3 sessions) must be used within 6 weeks of the first session.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. I accept all credit cards.