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Older Adult Nutrition

Are you worried about your health as you age? Or maybe a parent’s? Am I eating enough protein? Should I be taking supplements? Eating a balanced diet as you age can become challenging. Many life events such as the loss of a loved one, cancer, or a broken hip can be detrimental to your health and alter your life. Good nutrition can be put on the back burner to focus on more pressing matters. This package is designed to help older adults (70 and older) begin including a healthy and realistic diet into their routine. Menu and food suggestions are easy to prepare because I understand you do not want to fuss around in the kitchen all day. As a Certified Gerontological Specialist (CSG) in nutrition, I have additional training to help you or a loved one meet their nutritional needs. Diets can also be catered toward disease states such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease and heart disease. Current medications and supplements are also reviewed to make sure there are no adverse interactions.

What to expect:

  • A list of foods and simple preparation methods to help you meet your personal nutritional needs
  • Suggested supplements if needed
  • A realistic food plan that caters to your individual needs
  • A thorough review of your medications

Package includes:

  • 60 minute initial consultation where we discuss your history, recent labs if available, current lifestyle and set realistic goals and plan that works for you
  • 30 minute follow-up appointments to see how things are going and discuss how to begin including more foods into your diet
  • Email access throughout the month