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New Year. New Site. New Services.

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I have been anticipating this moment for a long time: The launch of my new website. And now the day is finally here to share it with all of you.


In sync with the New Year, this website symbolizes the start of a new beginning for me. The wise Buddha once said, “The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago. The second best time is now.”

So here I am planting my tree.

When I first embarked upon the nutrition journey I knew I wanted to start my own practice one day. That was almost 10 years ago. During that time period I earned my degree in both, nutrition and business, passed the National Registered Dietitian Exam, and began to work in the field of nutrition.

By nature (as I believe most of us are) I have a thirst for knowledge. Once I began learning about nutrition I realized that there was so much to know. I started working in skilled nursing facilities, pediatric clinics, hospice organizations, doctor’s offices and in our local hospital to soak in all the information I could.

And you know what?

I learned a lot but still felt like there was more to know. I kept telling myself that the moment was not right to leave my full-time job. I still wanted to learn about “this one more thing” or I still wanted to develop “this one more skill.” For the past three years I have been dipping my big toe into the entrepreneur arena by seeing clients outside of my “real job” and writing blog posts when I found the time. But I still did not feel ready to commit to full time.

Then it hit me… I was never going to feel ready.

I wish I could tell you I put my notice in that day but that would be a lie (I am way too chicken for that). I did, however, become AWARE that everything is a process and you don’t just suddenly become an entrepreneur just how you don’t suddenly become healthy. It’s more important to focus on the steps that move you toward your goal than the goal itself.

With that being said, I have now officially

  • Stepped down from my full time position,
  • Began using Instagram and Twitter (not too sure about that one..)
  • Increased my Facebook presence
  • Opened my new office
  • Received a EIN (Employer Identification number)
  • Began networking in my community
  • And of course, developed this new website 🙂

You might be asking, “Is there anything else new other than your new website?”

Why yes there is! I am using the launch of my new website as an opportunity to change up the services I am offering my clients. Instead of trying to do all things nutrition related I am now focusing on four specific areas of nutrition that I have pursued additional training in and that I truly feel passionate about. These include:

  • GI health
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Reproductive Health
  • Older Adult Nutrition

In addition, I am also offering grocery store tours, cooking classes, and an “Ask Me Anything Session” (In regards to nutrition of course 🙂 ). As you browse through my services you may notice I am no longer offering individual sessions but rather package options. In my experience I have found that changes in health do not happen overnight and my clients tend to have better results when I work with them for at least 1 month. With that in mind, these packages have been designed to help better meet your personal needs and provide continuous email support.

Please take a couple minutes and look around my new site. If you like what you see I encourage you to sign up for future blog posts and special announcements. As an added bonus I am also giving away a listing of “My Favorite Healing Spices and Condiments.”

On a personal note…Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far and encouraged me to plant this seed (Especially my mom who has read EVERY blog post, my brother who designed a beautiful website and my wonderful husband that loves all my layers).

Now I turn to you… What seed would you like to plant in 2016?

Until next time,


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