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My Infertility Journey…

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I was hesitant to write about this. Those close to me knew my husband and I struggled with infertility before our baby girl was born. But I never shared it on my blog. It was an emotional roller coaster and I was too insecure and fragile to share with the rest of the world.

Recently I came across bumpstobaby.com, and was inspired by owner Liz Shaw’s journey with infertility. It is a wonderful resource for women trying to conceive (ttc) and I wish I had it when I was struggling. Every Wednesday, Liz features a Warrior Woman and this week I was so humbled to be included in this amazing group of women.

One in ten women struggle with infertility but it is seldom talked about. It was challenging for me to discuss because I felt judged and embarrassed. Even now sharing my story I feel vulnerable. But Liz has helped me overcome that fear and I wanted to share my story with others. If you would like to read about my story, please check it out at bumpstobaby.com.

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