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March On The Farm

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March was a month of transitions on the farm. Not only did the calendar signal spring had sprung but so did the arrival of life on the farm. The blooming of daffodils were the first signs of life in early March. Then over the course of the next couple of weeks, blooms spread like wildfire from the almond trees to the peach trees to the apple trees, and ended with a grand finale of the prune orchard. Our land looked as if a white blanket was spread across the 50 acres. If you sat quietly you were bound to hear the buzzing of bees going from blossom to blossom.

Once the last frost was behind us, we had the green light for “game time.” Eric rented a tractor and began to prep our small side lot (1/3-acre) to begin our farming experiments. One morning over coffee, we decided to venture into the medicinal herb market. We were excited about the idea and bought 5 lbs of purple coneflower, otherwise known as Echinacea. We thought if it didn’t work out at least we will have a beautiful field of flowers. Well, we learned our first lesson… Echinacea needs frost to germinate 🙂 Haha!

Luckily, we realized this before we planted it! We decided to plant one row “just to see what happens” but don’t expect much out of it. The rest of the 500,000 seeds will be planted this fall. In the meantime, we used the land to plant our personal garden. We planted all sorts if goodies like tomatillos, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes (of course!), basil, thyme, rosemary and Peruvian goldenberries among other things. Eric tapped into the orchard’s irrigation system and now our garden will have a constant water supply. I have to say, it is pretty legit 🙂 He also planted a couple kiwi trees and raspberry bushes.

On a fun note, we have decided on a farm name. Drumroll please……..

Salt Creek Farms!

Why Salt Creek? For one, we like the way it sounds, but most importantly it represents the area we moved to. Salt Creek parallels the road we live on and we see it ebb and flow throughout the year. Right now there are small minnows swimming in it and beautiful yellow orange poppies scattered along the banks.

Curious about our future endeavors?

In the month of April we are hopeful to get our flock of chicks. Eric is in the process of building a chicken tractor to tow around the orchard. The chickens will help with weed control, eat insects, fertilize the ground, and provide us with a steady stream of omelets. We will keep them in the orchard, while we will continue to have our current small flock of three in our backyard. On a side note, want to know something interesting? Before we moved to our new house, our five-year old chickens stopped laying, but now they are laying on more of a consistent basis. They must be happier with extra land they have to roam. I digress 🙂

As for me, I am still getting this mommy thing down and savoring every moment. I meant to have this post done before April but everything is taking me a little bit longer than anticipated 😉 I have been receiving requests for nutrition counseling sessions, and I will likely begin seeing clients again in the summer. If you need someone sooner, shoot me an email and I can give you a referral.

During winter it felt as if the rain and wind would last forever. Now as we move on into April, I can already begin to see the hills turning to a golden brown and there is a faint scent of summer in the air. I am looking forward to the adventures of this next season.

Thanks for reading and we will connect again soon 😉

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