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How to Shop Like a New Mom

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I am one of those people who loves grocery shopping.  I know!  It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but there is something about going up and down the aisles, browsing at the variety of products that does it for me.  Call me crazy! (My husband does all the time 🙂 ) Well those days have recently come to an end since our baby girl was born 4 months ago. Now it has become a mad dash to the grocery store while she naps in her carrier on my chest. I always bring my “wing-mom” or husband with me just in case there is a crying spell in the grocery store and I need to make a quick exit. When I saw Raley’s, our local grocery store, advertising their eCart program on my last grocery trip I had to try it out. Shopping from the comfort of my home? Okay! Now I was learning to shop like a new mom 🙂

So, how does Raley’s eCart program work?

It is actually really easy! You go online to Raley’s website and click on eCart.  Sign in and begin shopping. Make sure you have selected your local Raley’s store and not one 100 miles away (That would be embarrassing!) You can shop by category or search for a specific item. I highly recommend writing a list up ahead of time so you don’t forget anything. Once you are done shopping, you can choose your payment method and what time you would like to pick it up. I chose to pay online to save time during pick-up but you can also pay when you pick up your groceries.

When you go to pick up your groceries, you park in a designated eCart parking spot. Then you call or text the number provided to you and your personal shopping assistant will meet you at your car with all your groceries. They help you load your vehicle and even give you a free burlap tote as a “Thank you.” Then voila! You are all done 🙂

What did I like about it?

By far the best part about this program was the ability to grocery shop while my little one napped at home.  If she started fussing I could always come back to it later.  The website was easy to navigate and I found everything I needed. Raley’s even suggested items to me based on my personal preferences, which I found helpful. In fact, I might have forgotten staple items, like eggs, if it were not for this feature.

When I picked up my food, I was impressed with the customer service. My personal shopping assistant was very friendly and she chose high quality produce for my family. There were also no missing items from my order. All in all it was a success 🙂

What did I not like about it?

Would it be too corny to say I missed the shopping experience! I was unable to peruse the aisles at a leisurely pace, or search for the most delicious apple. Instead, it was all in the hands of my personal shopping assistant.  And while it may have been good on my budget, there were no impulse buys. You know, those last minute, “This would be a great snack or taste delicious in….” But hey, it is a small price to pay to have a relaxing shopping experience at home with an infant. 

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely!  It is especially well worth it for new moms  or someone with a physical ailment like a broken leg.  Raley’s eCart program could also be perfect if you are a really busy person or hate grocery shopping (How could you? 😉 ). Your first three orders and anything over $150 are free or you pay a $5.95 pick-up fee. Not too bad, right?  There are other grocery stores providing this service too, but they are not in my local area.  Amazon is even taking it one step further and delivering groceries to your house. How is that for service? Unfortunately, Amazon is not offering it my area but maybe one day…

As for me, I plan on continuing to use it until my little one is a little older.  Then we will make the grocery store our playtime 🙂 

Have any of you used a grocery service like this?  What was it like?

Disclaimer: I was not reimbursed in anyway for this review 

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