"Helping You Find Balance On And Off Your Plate"

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These are my secret ingredients that will enhance the taste of any meal and your health

For Physicians

Do you feel you lack the time to discuss nutrition interventions with your patient but know lifestyle changes could dramatically improve their health?

I can help.

As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist I am uniquely qualified to meet your needs. I have the education, background and desire to help people make positive changes in their health. My whole foods approach can improve and manage many chronic such as diabetes, obesity, IBS, IBD, depression, infertility, PCOS and skin issues. I can provide nutrition services in my office or online.

Please note I do not take insurance but I can provide a superbill for patients to receive reimbursement through their insurance company. If you are interested in having me come to your office to provide nutrition services please contact me personally. Please use the referral form below when referring patients.


Phone: 530-570-2361

Fax: 530-392-4514

Email: kristin@kristinwillard.com